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Hi there, my name is John King and i am the operator of the King Of Tips website and service.

I provide simple betting tips that will help you win £500 a week.

Winning £500 a week is actually very hard to do, but thanks to my tips, i am able to do just that.

And because my tips are available to everyone, anyone can use them, anytime, anywhere, including YOU.

So if you are interested in making £500 a week, every week, please read on to learn more.

Today i would like to introduce you to the King Of Tips service.

The service is named after myself and my nickname "The King Of Tips, and it is proven to make people who use it £500 a week.

The King Of Tips is realistic service which will deliver you realistic results.

You can use it anywhere, anytime, from the comfort of your own home, to sitting on a deckchair on the beach... anywhere that you happen to be each day.

And it will transform your life, just like it has done for me.

So if you ready to win today and to make a positive life change let's get started, as a lot of great things are about to happen for you.

Yes, things are about to get a lot better for YOU!

Here is how the King Of Tips works:

I email my members winning football and horse racing tips.

These tips will be come from world football and from UK horse racing.

And to win you simply need to bet on these tips, it is that simple.

Emailed tips which arrive very early in the day that you simply need to follow and bet on.

And by doing this day in day out the King Of Tips service will deliver you a £500 profit a week, or more.

So are you ready to win?
This is what you can expect:

Early in the morning i will email you the winning bets for that day.

You can place these bets very easily using your mobile phone, laptop, desktop or by visiting your local bookmaker.

And luckily for us finding a bookmaker is very easy to do.

And to make a £500 a week profit i advise that you bet £20 per bet at a time, though you can bet however much you want.

For you information, here is a bet that i sent to my members last week:

Two winning bets from two advised which made for £126.80 profit for the day - not bad!

And already well on track to hit our £500 a week target.

And this is what the Two Bet System will do for you.

I will advise you of at least one winning bet from two a day, on an ongoing basis, which means i will deliver you an ongoing overall profit each and every day.

And if you follow my advice your wins will be exactly the same as mine.

And it can be used to earn yourself £500 per week, or more, just like me!

Step by step, in 3 easy steps, once you join, this is all that you need to do:

And it does not matter who you are, where you come from, or if you are completely new to betting.

Because all you need is an email address and five minutes of time each day – it's very easy to follow and to do.

So let's get started!

Join up now through one of the following button options and i will send you today's winning bets straight away:

£20 a month recurring
£100 A Year
Join up safely and securely with your credit/debit card or PayPal
Your membership will be protected by a satisfaction guarantee
Proof: My tips: 29 - 30 September

£500 profit for the week delivered, as promised.

And as you can see, the Two Bet System is simple to use and it will deliver you success.

With two bets a day and only one of them that needs to win.

Which makes this a realistic system which will deliver you realistic results.

I make no outrageous claims that promise you over £100,000 a year in profit.

This is an authentic system which will deliver you authentic results.

I have used this system for years which is what guarantees its success.

It has been proven to work and its users can win every day.

Which makes this system very valuable and very rewarding.

And yes, it can be used anywhere, anytime, by anyone.

And i can honestly say that the Two Bet System has changed my life, and many others lives, for the better!

So now that my system has been proven and it is well established, how can it be used to help other people win?

The information that i have is useful and it can help others.

Which sounds like a good idea to me - i want to help other people win as well!

So let's use this information to make a change for the better.

Today i am sharing my winning Two Bet System with everyone, which includes you!

And just in case you need more proof of how good my system is, here it is:

More proof: My tips: 22- 28 September

Excellent results and another £500 profit for the week, as you can see.

And as a reminder, there are no requirements to sign up to my information.

It does not worry me who you are, what you do or where you come from.

The only thing that i ask is that you contribute just £20 a month, or £100 a year (best value), towards the cost of me sending out my information to you.

And after you have made that very small contribution i will start sending you my winning information straight away.

£20 a month recurring
£100 A Year
Join up safely and securely with your credit/debit card or PayPal
Your membership will be protected by a satisfaction guarantee
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

And since you will be contributing via ClickBank your membership will be protected by a personal satisfaction guarantee. So no matter what happens your money is safe.
Matthew Weston, Aberdeen
The Two Bet System suits my needs perfectly. Easy to use, easy to win, and with plenty of profit provided.
Loren Taylor, Coventry
I feel very lucky to of found out about the Two Bet System. I'm making £500 a week and i am loving it!
Tim Vere, Sunderland
Hi Christopher. I just wanted to say thank you for this weeks winners. £500 banked for the week as per usual. Cheers mate.

So let me ask you
Would you like to join the Two Bet System?

If the answer is yes then this is what you can expect:

Each day i will email you two horse racing bets early in the morning, which will be the exact same bets that i am going to use for that day.

Once you have received those two bets, you then place them with a bookmaker, by whatever method is the most convenient for you.

And by doing that you, will have the opportunity to bank £500 a week, just like me.

This is your best opportunity to make some easy extra money.

And very soon you will experience a new life of freedom that you previously have not had.

You can forget about your bills, debt and stress, because your life will be better forever.

And we all deserve the chance to live a good life.

So if you are ready to earn an extra £500 a week all you have to do is join up to my system on this page right here, right now.

And I recommend that you join up immediately to avoid any disappointment and regret later on.

So do it now!

Because today's winners are ready to be sent to you as soon as you join up.

So let's get started and start earning you an extra £500 a week!


Christopher Allen

£20 a month recurring
£100 A Year
Join up safely and securely with your credit/debit card or PayPal
Your membership will be protected by a satisfaction guarantee

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